Abstract Painting-Title-All the chaos real and imagined-Acrylic on Canvas-Large-60x48-Artist-Sarena Miller“All the chaos real and imagined” – 60in X 48in – Acrylic on canvas

Abstract Fine Art

Inspired by the cosmos, things seen and unseen, mystery and wonder, truth, energy, stillness and chaos, the light and the dark, my work explores the nature of the universe and our place within it.

Abstract Painting-Title-Dancing Motes-Acrylic on Canvas-Large-60x48-Artist-Sarena Miller“Dancing Motes” – 48in X 60in – Acrylic on canvas

Large Scale Paintings

Transform your environment with impactful large-scale paintings that make a statement! I hope to bring joy with bold, bright colors, expressive brush stokes and mark-making. My aim is to create paintings that immediately capture the viewer from afar, and yet allow them to get wonderfully lost in the fine details, all the little stories within each painting. Imagination, wonder…

Abstract Painting-Title-Stellar Nebula 1-Acrylic on Canvas-Large-60x48-Artist-Sarena Miller“Stellar Nebula 1” – 60in X 48in – Acrylic on canvas

About Sarena Dawn Montreal Artist

“I cannot remember a time that art was not a focal point in my life. Drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, filmmaking. It is the search for the beautiful, the appreciation aesthetic, as well as the indescribable connection and feeling that comes from the material itself, the primal act of mark-making.

I’m fascinated by things we cannot see but know exist, from the overwhelmingly large and unfathomable to the infinitesimally small. Trying to capture the ephemeral, the cosmos, nature, flora, fauna, the spiritual, the connected, light, spirals and stars and time, exploring the bigger mysteries of the universe…and our role within it.

Through my work I try to tell stories and at the same time comment on our nature, both the dark shadows that exist and the beckoning light.”

Abstract Painter Artist Sarena Miller

Sarena was born and currently resides in Montreal, where she studied painting, drawing, and ceramics at the college level, and film production at the renown Mel Hoppenheim school of Cinema, where she was awarded first prize for her role as Art Director. Sarena’s paintings and illustrations can be found in private collections, a children’s book and in package design.

Abstract Painting-Title-It's raining light-Acrylic on Canvas-Large-48x36-Artist-Sarena Miller“It’s raining light” – 48in X 36in – Acrylic on canvas


Commissions for 2022 are open! If you are looking for a large-scale painting for your home, your office / corporate space, if you’re an interior designer who needs a large painting for your clients, commissions are now open. Working within my style, we can create a custom piece that fits.

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